Membership Types

Registration Fee: ALL NEW and RETURNING Members are REQUIRED to pay a $20 Non-Refundable Initiation Fee at time of Membership Purchase at The Center.

Unlimited Type Membership: Includes Access To All Fitness Classes and our Recognized Brazilian JiuJitsu and Mixed Martial Arts Training.

General Type Membership: Includes All Fitness Classes Only. Excludes Any Brazilian JiuJitsu and Mixed Martial Arts Classes.

Youth Programs: Unlimited Memberships Includes All Brazilian JiuJitsu and Wrestling Classes. We Do Offer A Wrestling Only Membership Option.

Personal Training: Personal Training is sold as sessions or packages. (Meet with a Personal Trainer to discuss your options.)

Access Your Own Membership Account: As part of Penn Training and Fitness Center’s Best Practices Policy, All PennTFC’s Members have access to their personal account. Log In Here: My Account Access

Liability Waivers: As Part of PennTFC’s Best Practice Policies, All Prospective and Active Members with intentions of utilizing the facility, it’s weights/equiptment and/or engage in any of the center’s fitness, martial arts, Mixed Martial Arts programs or any Youth Programs, are Required to Complete, Sign and Submit, the Center’s Liability Waiver form. *No Exceptions* (The Center has the right to update it’s Liability Waivers without notice.)

Check-In Requirements: You must check in at the front desk with your gym card.  Please make sure your card is read by the scanner if you are keeping track of your attendance.  We will not be responsible for unread cards. PennTFC’s Best Practice Policies as it relates to Check-In Services and Membership/Staff Safety, All Prospective and Active Members are required to provide a stored photo for membership identification purposes only. *No Exception* (The Center may request an updated photo of the Prospect or the Active Member to be stored for identification purposes without notice.)

Auto-Draft Memberships: Purchaser/Member demonstrates personal acknowledgment of a Purchase Agreement with Penn Training and Fitness Center, PennTFC’s Monthly Automatic Membership Payment, the Minimum PennTFC’s membership requirement, PennTFC’s Thirty (30) Business Days Membership Termination Policy, PennTFC’s Additional Membership *Cancellation Option* Policies, Membership Freeze Policy at time of Auto-Draft Membership purchase, hence Purchase Agreement.

Benefits of an Auto-Draft Membership

Membership Cancellations: Membership Cancellations applies primarily to those members who elected the Auto-Draft Membership/Purchase Agreement. Reminder: All Auto-Draft Membership Participants Agreed To The PennTFC’s 3 Month Minimum Membership Agreement, Thirty (30) Business Days Membership Termination policy and the additional *Cancellation Options*, when electing to and purchasing to participate in the PennTFC Auto-Draft Membership. Should you require assistance with clarification, please contact Operations Manager, Michele P by email at or by phone 9616989.

*Cancellation Options* and Applied Terms:


Complete and Submit the Electronic Termination Form by Clicking Here


 (Thirty (30) Day Cancellation Policy Applies **Forms completed with errors with spelling will experience delays and may be subject to non-refundable Auto-Draft payment**)

By Certified Mail Addressed To: Penn Training and Fitness Center ATTEN: Billing Department 639 Kinoole St. Hilo, HI 96720 Required Information to confirm Membership: Member’s Full Name, Birthday, Membership ID Number, Listed Membership Email and Phone Number

Via Email Request: Penn Training and Fitness Center Does Not Accept Membership Termination Request via Email to Please see above for available Industry Best Practice options.

Gym Etiquette 101

*Exercise At Your Own Risk

Mat Rules: