Membership Types

Initiation Fees: New and Returning Members are Required to pay a $10 Non-Refundable Initiation Fee at time of Membership Purchase at The Center.

Unlimited Type Membership: Includes Access To All Fitness Classes and our Recognized Brazilian JiuJitsu and Mixed Martial Arts Training.

General Type Membership: Includes All Fitness Classes Only. Excludes Any Brazilian JiuJitsu and Mixed Martial Arts Classes.

Youth Programs: Unlimited Memberships Includes All Brazilian JiuJitsu and Wrestling Classes. We Do Offer A Wrestling Only Membership Option.

Personal Training: Personal Training is sold as sessions or packages. (Meet with a Personal Trainer to discuss your options.)


Access Your Own Membership Account: As part of Penn Training and Fitness Center’s Best Practices Policy, All PennTFC’s Members have access to their personal account. Log In Here: My Account Access


Liability Waivers: As Part of PennTFC’s Best Practice Policies, All Prospective and Active Members with intentions of utilizing the facility, it’s weights/equiptment and/or engage in any of the center’s fitness, martial arts, Mixed Martial Arts programs or any Youth Programs, are Required to Complete, Sign and Submit, the Center’s Liability Waiver form. *No Exceptions* (The Center has the right to update it’s Liability Waivers without notice.)

Check-In Requirements: PennTFC’s Best Practice Policies as it relates to Check-In Services and Membership/Staff Safety, All Prospective and Active Members are required to provide a stored photo for membership identification purposes only. *No Exception* (The Center may request an updated photo of the Prospect or the Active Member to be stored for identification purposes without notice.)

Auto-Draft Memberships: Purchaser/Member demonstrates personal acknowledgment of a Purchase Agreement with Penn Training and Fitness Center, PennTFC’s Monthly Automatic Membership Payment, the Minimum PennTFC’s membership requirement, PennTFC’s Thirty (30) Business Days Membership Termination Policy, PennTFC’s Additional Membership *Cancellation Option* Policies, Membership Freeze Policy at time of Auto-Draft Membership purchase, hence Purchase Agreement. 

Benefits of an Auto-Draft Membership

Best Value Gym Membership Payments Each Month.

Automatic Everyday *10% Discount Off Apparel*

Suspension of Membership (Available for a Nominal Fee)


Membership Cancellations: Membership Cancellations applies primarily to those members who elected the Auto-Draft Membership/Purchase Agreement. Reminder: All Auto-Draft Membership Participants Agreed To The PennTFC’s 3 Month Minimum Membership Agreement, Thirty (30) Business Days Membership Termination policy and the additional *Cancellation Options*, when electing to and purchasing to participate in the PennTFC Auto-Draft Membership.

*Cancellation Options* and Applied Terms: 

 – Complete and Submit the Electronic Termination Form At; (Thirty (30) Day Cancelation Policy Applies **Forms completed with errors with spelling will experience delays and may be subject to non-refundable Auto-Draft payment**)

 – By Certified Mail; Addressed To:                                 Penn Training and Fitness Center ATTEN: Billing Department 639 Kinoole St. Hilo, HI 96720 Required Information to confirm Membership: Member’s Full Name, Birthday, Membership ID Number, Listed Membership Email and Phone Number

 -Via Email Request:                                                      Penn Training and Fitness Center Does Not Accept Membership Termination Request via Email. Please see above for available Industry Best Practice options.