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A List of 5 Simple Rules for Successful Workout Sessions

There are times when we feel we need that added boost to keep our workouts exciting. Let’s face it, this feeling holds especially when juggling other areas of our life as it pulls at our motivation to remain focused on not only our workouts, but our self care.  So to help you get through each workout visit with us at the center, we, your Penn Fit family is providing you for the next 5 week a series of our; 5 Simple Rules for Successful Workout Sessions.


The answer is simple, any improvements or gain made can easily be lost. Its a common medical truth; Your body fails out of shape FAST. May we add that we are generalizing that falling out of shape happens for persons of ALL ages. Yes, your body and your mind does require time for recovery and recuperation, so extending those days by not engaging in any form of exercise activity can start to affect not only your physical strength, but your endurance to maintain work out put, your quality of sleep and also your mental wellness.

So Let’s Get Moving!

Here is a quick workout we suggest if you are limited with being able to get in your typical hour long one. We do warn you, the workout will only last 6 minutes long. Again it only takes 6 minutes, requires your best effort and when your done, you are done.

Each exercise is done for 30 continuous minute, with only 15 seconds of rest between exercises.

*Due to the nature of the intensity of the exercises, be sure to take rest breaks as you may require to be recovered to continue to the next.

Jumping Jacks

Push Ups

Air Squats


Jumping Jacks

Wall Sits


Wall Sits

Disclaimer * Penn Fitness and Training Center is not a center that provides medical care or distributes medical advise. The information provided are workout tools. Penn Fitness and Training Center always recommended that the reader obtains their medical physicians’ recommendation regarding engaging in exercise. 

Note to our members; if you are not familiar with any of the exercises listed above, we welcome you to visit with one of our professional personal trainers here at Penn Fitness and Training Center.

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