Penn JiuJitsu Team Compete At 2017 NAGA

JiuJitsu Team From Hilo Competes On Oahu

Penn Gym JiuJitsu

We are proud of the performance of our Hilo’s own Penn JiuJitsu Team Members who entered the 2017 North American Grappling Association (NAGA) held at Mililani High School.┬áThe balance of work/school and training associated with coordinating travel accommodations from the Big Island to attend the all day event on Oahu is no easy feat. This is especially true when competitors are also acting coaches at these events. ┬áThe structure of the competitors’ bracketing are also great influencers of the competitors mindset as such brackets are separated by age and by ranked experience. As most experienced participants and attendees of these types of grappling events know, what starts at 10AM may end at 9PM. This means the competitive athlete may need to wait for as long as 6 hours before the start of their own match. So the ability to manage ones own personal feelings of anxiousness of having to compete, while being consumed by the adrenaline of having to support a student or team member as a “sideline” coach is important.

Manage They Did…

The Five Penn JiuJitsu Team Members experienced tough opponents during each of their matches. Utilizing technique and athleticism, these individuals were successful with securing a place on the podium.

Congratulations To All Who Participated!!