Exceptional Fitness and JiuJitsu Instruction on the Big Island.


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Fitness, MMA and JiuJitsu members of Hilo’s Penn Training and Fitness Center are happy to learn that our gym instructors have either received formal training within their focus area of instruction. These formal training may have come from a branded or even national certifying organization. Some of the center’s instructors also posses formal secondary education. This may include degrees in physical rehabilitation, nursing and even an M.D. Other instructors at Penn Training and Fitness Center, may also be practicing Certified Personal Trainers. Many of these Certified Personal Trainers are accomplished professional athletes and even title holders, with experience competing at the highest level which includes local circuits, national competitions and even world title events or tournaments.

Why is having exceptional instructors an asset?

A gym is more than just its weights and exercise equipment. Having qualified fitness instructors be part of our team provides our members the confidence that they are receiving quality training that will support the member in achieving their fitness goals. Why does this matter? Our members matter to us!  Having invested in our members’ fitness goals have provided an opportunity for our center to witness repeat recognition for being considered the ‘Best of East Hawaii.’ Our Team values this recognition and we continue to express our gratefulness for this selection. This is evident by our GM, Jason Estrella who went as far as posting his gratitude to our members on his own Brazilian JiuJitsu Apparel Brand‘s Social Media Platform, Hawaii JiuJitsu.

Our Team will continue to strive to provide our membership access to top notch instructors, allowing us to continue to be considered the place to train in Hawaii.