Hawaii Island Brazilian Jiujitsu Practitioners use Skills to Exhibit the Aloha Spirit and Mental Wellness

The Aloha Spirit and Mental Wellness of a Jiujitsu Practitioner


Attend a Brazilian Jiujitsu or BJJ competition in Hawaii and you find not just highly competitive individuals. You will also find many individuals who demonstrate a level of sportsmanship which includes respect and concern of wellness and wellbeing for one another and other competition clubs alike.

This exhibited behavior is not just a “norm” but a part of the culture of the BJJ community. By nature, the culture is due to the vary fact that BJJ is a martial art and the respect of the art itself.  What is there to respect of the sport? The very fact that potential risk of being hurt during training. The ability to control the application of, or having someone apply a joint lock or choke on another individual is the primary reason practitioners appreciate the art.

What is most important in the art of BJJ is the practitioner his or herself. Many who have only witnessed BJJ through fight or combat sports highlighted in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) such as Hilo’s own, Just Scrap MMA event are often surprised to learn that many partitioners who train specifically in the art of BJJ, are persons who serve as not only our community’s law makers, but health care providers such as physicians, nurses, even social workers. The participant list extends to public safety such as police, sherifs, corrections and fire and ocean rescue. What is most surprising to most new comers to the art, especially those starting in a Hilo Jiujitsu academy or club like Penn Fitness and Training Center is to find community educators who not only teach at the university level, but also at the local high, middle and elementary schools. These public servants, who train in this martial art, have expressed how the application of the art overflows into other portions of their lives as a parent, citizen and employee. Most express that it is not an attitude of over confidence attributed to their skills, but their appreciation that a sport and art that requires constant one on one daily “battles”, allows for the required ongoing problem-solving skills to carry over to their personal and professional life of establishing resolutions.

One island jiujitsu practitioner expressed it best, “We start and end our match with a hand shake and a smile. That’s Aloha. I like to make sure that every situation that has the potential of going bad really fast, I greet those involved with a hand shake to acknowledge that we will come to a resolution with a hand shake and a smile.”





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