Places to Workout While on Vacation in Hawaii. And It’s No Secret. It’s Not in a Club.

Where To Train In Hawaii

Vacations are meant to be fun and for some individuals, fun can mean getting a workout in, even while on vacation. Visitors have found that the Hawaii islands provide an opportunity of FUN while sneaking in a workout during a their stay.  Here is a fun way to sneak in a workout while at one of Hawaii’s many beautiful beaches, as suggested by fitness and personal trainers from one of Hawaii’s Best Gyms, Penn Fitness and Training Center.

Beach Work Out

Complete a total body stretch for several minutes.

Activate your body by completing a light jog in the sand, near the water’s edge.

Complete interval sand sprints, immediately followed with x15 Burpees. Repeat.

Complete Bear Crawls in the sand, immediately followed with Crunches.

Standing Long Jumps in the sand.

That was pretty simple. Now you’ll be ready to surf, bodyboard or bodysurf.

*Don’t forget to apply Sun Screen*


Should you decide a workout should be completed in a gym or fitness club for that matter, visit Penn Fitness and Training Center on the Big Island where a 1 Day Free Trial Pass is available.