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Kicking off the New Year with a fitness goal has never been more exciting for many Hawai’i Island residents seeking a fitness gym or simply, a “Place To Train.”

Why the excitement? Well, we are here to tell you about what may be the fitness industry’s best kept secret.

For starters, Hawai’i gyms and fitness centers like Big Island’s, Penn Fitness and Training Center, recognize that community support is essential and by participating in nationally recognized wellness programs, like Active and Fit or Silver and Fit and Kaiser’s Fit Rewards programs are essential with continuing to preserve and promote Hawai’i as being the healthiest state in the nation.

 How does Active and Fit or Silver and Fit programs work?

It’s simple! If you are an individual who is deemed eligible to participate in this Wellness Centered benefit by your health insurer, you will be required to pay an out-of pocket deductible. This provides a gym membership with your designated fitness center in Hawaii.

The gym or fitness center’s offerings/amenities may vary. As for Penn Fitness and Training Center, members often utilize the sauna or massage services which equals a spa retreat. Members also engage in Fitness Classes such as Yoga, or retreat to TRX. Some seek to up their cardio performance by participating in Spinning classes and other total-body conditioning classes like Kettle Bell strengthening, Cardio Striking and Boxing/Muay Tai classes that are available with ALL memberships!

List of Scheduled Classes

Penn Fitness and Training Center, members often choose to upgrade their gym experience to engage in Big Island’s formidable martial arts programs such as its MMA and Hawaii Island Jiujitsu training amongst world class competitors and instructors, such as former UFC Champion, BJ Penn.





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Aloha from Big Island’s Gym, Penn Fitness and Training Center

Should your require additional information regarding your eligibility to participate in the Active and Fit or Silver and Fit programs you may on the link provided to visit, American Specialty Healthcare Incorporated’s website to gain additional information.