Five Best New Years Fitness Resolution Starts At A Supportive Gym Environment

Big Island’s own, Penn Training and Fitness Center

Provides The

5 Best New Years Fitness Resolutions To Help Meet Your Goals.

Many people recently learned that Hawaii was recently recognized as one of the most healthiest states in the nation for 2016 and because of this many individuals plan to be a part of this movement for 2017.

We know you will take the initial steps Hawaii, towards being your best you, and because of it we want to provide you 10 ways to meet your goals of improved fitness.

  1.  “Fitness is a Journey, Not a Destination.” This is a reminder that your goals do not all have to be accomplished within 3 months. Though 3 months is a realistic measure to gauge fitness achievement, starting by obtaining a “Free” Trial membership like those offered at Penn Training and Fitness Center provides a good starting point.
  2. New or Returning to a fitness oriented lifestyle does not have to be torturous. Keep workouts fun. Need ideas? Train with a personal trainer. It may be one of the best things you can do to keep yourself accountable, while engaged in fun yet productive workouts.
  3. Cheat. Yes allow yourself occasional cheat days with skipping an indoor workout to engage in an outdoor activity. We live on a beautiful island. We should train outdoors.
  4. Keep a fitness journal. Writing your progress down allows a measurable gauge towards success.
  5. Join a group fitness class like Yoga at a Retreat or learn by participating in a new skill like Brazilian Jiujitsu. Better yet, treat yourself to a therapeutic massage.