Join a Gym Hawaii. You’ll be fitter, healthier and richer…In Life!

Many people on the Big Island will initially contemplate joining a gym as a part fitness goal for their New Years resolution towards improved health. This is great plan. Why? With the rise in health care cost, while, like IncentFit Fitness Magazine suggest, incomes have not been keeping up with an employee’s health insurance premiums.

So why would an individual choose to add another cost by joining a gym, when gym memberships COST SOOO MUCH?

Cost Of Health Care

Well think about it, if the average cost for monthly medications had increased by 13.6% in 2015 and the average American pays approximately $185 a year for prescription medications.  These medications are prescribed to help manage existing health related issues such as high cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure. Yet, though some individuals may be predisposed, these health related issues may be avoided. Try researching “How to manage High Cholesterol,” you will find that the medical experts like the Mayo Clinic suggest that other than diet, life style changes influences health improvements by increasing physical output or activity and weight reduction will promote improved cholesterol levels.

That is where increased physical activity through a Big Island Gym can help.

Cost of a Gym Membership

Now, let’s go back to the cost of a gym membership. A gym like Penn Fitness and Training Center (PennFTC), offers one of the best gym rates for Hawaii Island while offering group fitness, Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ), MMA and other self defense based classes. According to PennFTC, most member’s elect the $29.99 (tax not included) General Gym/Auto Draft membership. At that rate, an annual membership will cost $359.88, but the long term benefits of increased life expectancy, improved physical endurance and tolerance in activity engagement, improved stress management and the dreaded accompanying physical changes (that what obviously a joke), can be experienced.

PennFTC’s Member Services Staff shared that, members have expressed that prior to some life style modifications and adding fitness into such life style change, their cost of daily coffee purchase have amounted to as much as $4.11 a day. That is about, $20.55 a week or $1,068.60 a year.

We are not suggesting that coffee consumption is a bad thing. What we are suggesting is, as easy as it is to purchase a favorite beverage daily, an investment for as little as a $1 a day and 30 minutes, dedicated to physical fitness can provide a rewarding long term health benefits and a potential reduction in prescription medication cost.


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