Setting goals is all that it really takes at PennFTC to be your best with a gym membership.

Living in Hawai’i makes for a difficult decision when contemplating joining a gym. Our beautiful weather and beaches makes for good reasons to workout outdoors almost year round. You may be a seasoned athlete or a newly signed member, which ever member you may be, you started because of being motivated by a personal goal. Goals are good and we’ll explain why!

Below is a list of commonly expressed goals. These are never wrong, bad, or embarrassing. These are MOTIVATORS! The reasons why our strong will, will make goal achievement possible!

“I want to have legs like that bodybuilder…”

“I want to loose the 15 pounds before I go on vacation.”

“My doctor suggested I exercise to better manage my diabetes.”

“I need stress release.”

“I want my black belt in jiujitsu.”

Are these realistic goals? Of Course!! How to achieve a personal goal depends on how it will be approached, but before a person can get started with an exercise program it is always best to complete a physical first.

How to get maximize successful goal attainment?

First, goals should have a Long Term Goal and Short Term Goals. (Achieve a “chiseled look” by getting off the couch for the first time in 2 years and start working out for 20 minutes 2-3 times a week.)

Second, goals should be Realistic and Measurable. It’s healthier both mentally and physically. (15 pound lost over 3 months vs. within one week.)

Third, goals should allow for FUN! (Working out is healthy but you deserve to keep it fun!)

Lastly, Journal your progress! You deserve to account your success!

To support an individual’s journey with seeking to improve or even maintain a fit lifestyle, Penn Fitness and Training Center (PennFTC) provides various fitness and self defense classes for members to participate in. PennFTC also provides Personal Training Services and Private 1:1 Juijitsu Lessons. 

PennFTC has taken it a step further to make working out FUN for individuals, by participating on Pinterest Check it out!

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It is our goal at PennFTC, to provide support of confidence, increase awareness that fitness is supposed to be fun and to promote our belief that, “Fitness is a Journey. Not a Destination.”

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